Zombie Shooters Association - NC29


Contact Info: 
John Zaczek

Clayton, NC  27520

Phone: (919)397-3960




ZSA/USPSA NC29 is proud to be a new part of the NC Section.  Our goal is to provide the North Carolina shooting community another venue to enjoy USPSA shooting.  As many of you know, we started ZSA, Zombie Shooters Association, 3 years ago (c. 2010) as a "Gateway" to competitive shooting, geared to the newer shooter with few rules other than SAFETY.  This concept has worked EXTREMELY well for us, and many of the clubs in the area can attest to that, as we've brought quite a few new shooters into the sports.  That being said, we felt the best way to move them along was to start our own USPSA club, so the shooters will still feel comfortable shooting with folks they know.

As of January 2014, our set schedule will be the 2nd Sunday of every month at ENC, Eastern North Carolina Firing Range, 2853 Hwy 581 S, Dudley, NC 28333 919-344-4273.  This is a great facility in the Goldsboro, NC area and is a good geographical fill in for USPSA shooters.  The matches at ENC will have registration at 11 AM with shooting starting at 12 PM.  We will have 5-6 stages with a classifier stage every month.  Match fee will be $20.00.

We will also have a USPSA match every 3rd Thursday night at Sportsman's Lodge, 3521 New Bern Hwy, Jacksonville, NC.  That will be 3-4 stages with a classifier for a $15.00 match fee.  Registration will open after 5 PM, with matches starting at 6 PM.

Please understand that our ZSA matches are ZSA rules, and our USPSA matches will follow USPSA rules 100%.  We hope that our matches will give shooters another venue to enjoy the sport we love, and our goal is to help make the NC Section the BEST in the Country.

Thanks to everyone for your support,

John Z.






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