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October 28, 2015

Since the meeting a couple of these things have moved forward. I met with the Rowan board of directors last week and presented a proposal to them and asked for consideration. Mike Holshouser met with them again last night and introduced a motion for a vote to to the board. They voted and the motion carried. The 2016 State championship will be at Rowan County Wildlife Club in Salisbury NC. It will be held on the 2nd Saturday in September.

We are moving toward making this a true section match with all possible NC clubs represented in some way. If you can commit to doing a stage design, helping with setup, or working as staff please let me know so I can start getting a list together.

The Junior program is also in the works and details will be available shortly

The RO and CRO classes are moving forward pending dates that the classrooms will be available. Martin and Chuck, I will call you this week to confirm.

Nathan Thompson



November 10, 2014

Subject: SS Nationals Policy

Clarification on Single Stack Nationals slot policy: The top 16 Overall, top 8 Ladies, and top Junior/Senior/Super Senior from last years SS Nationals will automatically get a slot to this years match. The North Carolina SS champion will also get a slot. If that person has already received a slot by other means that slot will pass to the next highest winner. Remaining slots will be sent to me for distribution to the clubs that earned them according their activity credits during the year. Some clubs may have several to give out and some none. Any unused slots from around the country will be sent back to USPSA for distribution on a first come first served basis. This order is determined by the order of signup and payment on a list that will be available on 11/10/2014. It is open entry and is not guaranteed but your best chance of getting to go if you have not been awarded a slot by performance or from your club. The link above is for signup but again it will not be open until 11/10


October 10, 2014


Well, once again, the 2014 NC Sectional match is in the rear view.  Its popularity has grown thanks to the tireless efforts of the stage designers, range officers, behind the scenes personnel, and match managers.  In previous years I have enjoyed this match as a shooter and RO.  At this time I will be taking over as the Section Coordinator and taking on the responsibility of making this match happen for 2015.  I have a few ideas already and welcome any and all feedback.  If you, as a shooter, RO, MD, spectator, anyone, have a suggestion for improvement please let me know.


In the meantime I'll be working with several of the match directors to set up a couple of RO and CRO classes at different locations in North Carolina.  We want to make it as easy as possible for any of you who want to become certified to get that chance.  The more educated range officers we have the better, and safer all of our matches will run.

 My contact info has been updated on the section website.  Please don't hesitate to call or email.


See you on the range,

Nathan Thompson


November 26, 2013

With Thanksgiving a few days away, and the Christmas season just around the corner, I would like to take a moment and thank the volunteers who make USPSA possible for us in the state of North Carolina.

First and foremost on the list are the match directors.  You may think they have a long day on match day, but they sacrifice many more days in preparation for and tidying up after the match.  They give up the opportunity to shoot major matches when they fall on the same weekend as their local match.  They know they arenít going to shoot at their best because they are already exhausted by the time the first shot is fired, and they typically shoot through so they can get back to being match director, even though it doesnít give them time to walk through the stages like the rest of the competitors.  Thank you for giving up so much, so the rest of us can spend our weekends enjoying this sport that we love.

Thanks to the guys and gals who volunteer their time to design and setup stages.  Thanks to the ROís who guide me safely through the course of fire, and keep the range safe for all of us.  Thanks to everyone who spends all day sitting in a hot/cold stats shack entering scores while the rest of us hang out with our friends on the range.  Thanks to everyone who paints my steel, picks up my brass and paste my targets.  This is a volunteer sport, and without everyoneís contribution, the matches wouldnít happen. 

As you head out to matches over the next few weeks, look around at how much time and effort goes into the match. Please shake the hands of all the volunteers willing to spend time away from their families to make sure we can shoot every weekend. Enjoy the holidays, and we will see you at the range.


Scott Perman

North Carolina Section Coordinator


October 22, 2013

Hello All,

My name is Scott Perman, and Iím your new Section Coordinator.  I am out of the north Charlotte area and Rowan is my home club.   I shot my first USPSA match in May of 2008, and Iíve been addicted ever since.  I plan to get to as many matches around the state as I can next year, and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. 

The best way to reach me is via e-mail:  The rest of my contact information is listed below.  Please donít hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Scott Perman

2782 Island Point Drive

Concord, NC  28027

980 621 2549


Lastly, I would like to thank Bill for the last 4 years.  He left me with some big shoes to fill.

Scott Perman


October 7, 2013

Hello. This will be my last communication to the section as your section coordinator. Your new SC is Scott Perman.  I trust and hope you all will give him the same level of support as I've received.  His name, number and email address are included. Please contact him in the future for all your questions, concerns, etc.

So, after 4 years here I have a few (ok, maybe more than a few) things I'd like to address. First off is that we as a section have grown. We have increased our club number by about 30%. Many thanks to the ones that made this happen as you are the lifeblood of the sport. Secondly I'd like to address ownership of the section match. Folks..this is not Sir Walter's match, or Bill's match. This is the SECTION match. Next year I hope to see each and every club contribute a stage and the crew to run it. Terry's crew from Blackwater supplies 2 each year and the crew to staff it.  There is no excuse for sitting back, watching your fellow shooters bust their asses while YOU enjoy the match and then just go about your merry way. If you want to sit back and bitch about how things are ran then you are part of the problem. I'm sick to death of hearing that "y'all ought to do this, do that". Get involved or your opinions aren't worth spit. Another issue is a old your club out on set up day. Don't burn these people out if you wish to have places to shoot. I see the signs of it in several MDs out there. Step up, help. My last comment is on the rules. Folks, we all know that Level 1 matches have some leeway as to the rules as in local rules on walls, safety issues, etc. However, you do NOT have leeway on the basic rules. Virginia count steel, more than 8 shots/hits from one position, mandating reloads on field get the idea. I'm sure the new SC will be addressing these issues. Thank you again for all the support I've received. I'll see you on the range.




January 12, 2013

Hello once again.  I trust everybody had a good Christmas and New Year's.  It's been a while since I last wrote to the section; my apologies.  As some of you may, or may not know, I had a lot of personal issues with my father's health and death.  Accordingly, I will tell you all that some issues I overlooked.

As many of you know the SS slots were sent to me in October.  I failed to communicate this and some folks who wanted a slot did not get one.  For this I apologize.  As was pointed out to me by our bylaws, I did not follow the proper procedure.  It'll not happen again.  Having said that, I communicated with the MD of the SSNs and was able to secure Thursday slots for those that wanted them.  Historically, we, as a section, have been able to send whomever has wanted to go to any of the Nationals.  In point of fact, the past 3 years I've had slots go unused for whatever reason.

I need to address a few issues that were communicated to me.  First off, the way the slots were handed out, which I just explained.  Secondly, I was told in a left-handed way that there was "favoritism" shown in the distribution of slots.  I can tell you here and now that no such thing occurred.  If anybody thinks this and has a gripe, they need to communicate with me directly.  Thirdly, it was communicated to me that there is a perception that if you aren't a member of Sir Walter, or friends with various people that you won't get a slot.  Again, this is flat out wrong.  Fourthly, that I had turned down help that was offered to me at the Section level.  In point of fact, I communicated that I turned down "help" that didn't wish to work but wished to ride around in a golf cart.  I always can and will use help from working RO's and CRO's.  Not ones that wish to just talk.  Fifthly, that I had given slots to those that "didn't work" or were just shooters.  Guys, unless you have eyes and ears all over this section or unless you can read my mind, you need to ask me these things.  Scuttlebutt and rumors don't belong in our sport.  The folks that work but aren't a member of any club but who work on a consistent basis at the club and section level are just as much a part, and just as valuable to us as any so called club member.

I believe in and embrace being open, honest and transparent in all my dealings with the individuals and clubs in our section.  Again, if you have a issue with anything said or done I'm willing to talk.  I'm writing this long-winded letter as all these things were communicated to me over 2 phone calls and I believe that these issues need to be addressed in an open forum, not in whispers and rumors.  I was told that a person wished to run for SC when my term of office is completed as he "wanted a slot for sure."  I have never, and will never take a slot to the Nationals as long as I'm SC.  Now, to me, that is flat out wrong and reeks of despotism.  I will complete my term of office just as I started it: honestly, openly and with the best interests of my fellow shooters in mind.

In closing I will again say, if you have an issue, talk to me.  I will listen and attempt to address whatever issue you have.  I am not receptive to rumor, deceit or half truths.

Thanks for listening... Bill.


October 11, 2012

Hello. It's been a while since I last posted so please bear with me.  First off, I'd like to thank Martin, Don, Richard for all their hard work in setting up, running and scoring the match.  What can I say about the CRO's, RO's and help we had on the stages other than wow!!  Guys, we had a average of 5 RO's on each stage.  This level of commitment is what we've needed.  I'm damned proud of each and every one of yall.  The level of competence and professionalism speaks well of you, and of NC.  The stages seemed challenging to the top shooters yet doable by the lower classes.  The stages were set up so we had a minimum of range equipment failures which speaks well for the design and set up crew.  Smaller squads made it quicker to run.  In many ways we had 2 separate matches.  Friday and Saturday saw great weather.  I got sunburned in fact.  Sunday, however, was grim.  Rain, lightning, with some impressive thunder greeted the shooters.  Did I mention it got cold?  Well, it did.  Mud and wet surfaces also factored into the match and my hats off to those that endured these conditions.  The one issue none of us can control is the weather and some shot in worse conditions than others.  It's a part of the game.  Another thing I saw was how few times we were called to answer a scoring or steel calibration call.  Each and every shooter from what I saw had themselves squared away which kept us all on schedule.  Speaking of which, our 1st rd was shot at 8:03 on Sat am and on Sunday it was 9:03's that for being consistent?  The food vendor also came thru.  I hope yall liked them.  A special thanks to Todd Jesse for running scorecards and delivering water and Gatorade to the RO's.  The kid's a trooper!  Now, what went wrong.  I kicked out the chrono Friday after about 2 squads shot it and the readings were WAY off.  We discovered, much to my embarrassment, that the screens had not been locked down..what a fool we looked like.  Live and learn.  Rest WILL see it in 2013.  Also, there were some discussions about how the conditions affected personal performances.  Some stages shut down by mutual consent due to the close lightning.  I understand and understood the concerns but I can't control that many shooters or stages at one time.  Next year perhaps we'll sacrifice some small creature (shooter) to the Rain and Range Gods.  All in all I can't recall a better run and officiated match.  Congratulations to all the shooters and winners!!

Now for some section news.  The 2013 Section match will once again be held at SWGC.  Plan accordingly.  If you did not get in this year please sign up in a timely manner.  At our Section meeting I was reelected as your SC.  I'm not sure, but I think it was rigged.  For all those wishing to attend the nationals NOW is the time to start making plans as slots will be coming out soon.  A quick bit of info.  Clubs earn the slots thru participation and by mission count.  They are NOT mine to give.  You can get a slot by asking for one from your club's Match Director.  The question was raised about us hosting another NROI class.  If you want to attend one please be aware that I need about 30 folks that'll show to make it happen.

Now, I need to use a small stick in this part.  Safety and scoring.  A RO is not just some shot clock holder.  YOU, the RO are responsible for the safety of each and every person on your stage!  In the past year I've seen a lot of folks running a timer that had no business in doing so.  ROing is a serious issue, please treat it that way.  Use the proper commands as per our rules.  They are there for a reason.  If you aren't willing to DQ your friend or anybody else for unsafe weapons handling then you are not an RO.  This is one instance where there is NO OJT!!  I've counseled a few this past year with no consequences.  If this situation persists and I see it continue, there will be consequences, make no mistake about it.  Now, scoring.  If you can't add and total, don't score.  Our game demands than each and everybody gets a fair shake.  Hash marks have no place on any score card.  Two hash marks in a NS or Procedural box turns 2 into 11.  Don't be this person.  Shooters, you are responsible for your scores.  Check the final score before you leave the range.  If you leave early and a mistake was made..well,  you'll get what you got.

In closing I'd like to say that this was a good year and 2013 bodes to be an even better one..if the Mayans are wrong.  Hope to see yall soon..



January 31, 2012

Well, January is done and I'm sure we're all looking forward to a new season of warmer weather shooting.  Sir Walter ran a Level 1 NROI class on the 20th and 21st and we'll soon have about 25 new level 1 RO's.  Thanks to George Jones (RMI) for teaching this great class and for the attendees who gave up their weekend for the betterment of the sport.

It's come to my attention that some folks are bagging and unbagging their weapons around their vehicles in blatant disregard for the "safe area" rule.  I'm certain that the MDs aren't aware of this.  Folks, this is directly against USPSA rules and WILL result in a DQ if you are caught at it.  It is my expectation that everybody follows the USPSA rules to the letter!!  It was brought to my attention at the NROI class in front of the RMI.  A tad embarrassing to say the least.  I also expect that all competitors help enforce this rule, no exceptions.

This past weekend Sir Walter hosted the charity match.  We had about 100 shooters that showed up and the ladies that were selling shirts, etc. were pretty happy with their sales.  All the proceeds will be donated to PS Charities.  Thanks to all that came and helped set up, ran and shot the match.

As always, if anybody has any questions, concerns, or gripes, my email and phone are always open.  Take care and hope to see y'all on the Range.



December 15, 2011

Hi again. Sorry it's been a while since my last report but it's been very busy here.  So, my thoughts on this year's shooting is that we've had another successful year.  We've lost a club but picked up another one and it looks as if we'll pick up another.  The slot situation is stable; anybody that really wanted to go to the Nationals had a slot to go.  Our mission count continues to go up thanks to all the hard work of our clubs.  Our section held another wildly successful Section Match thanks to all the hard work of the ROs and staff.  We continue to grow shooters which is a good thing.

Now, I want to present a challenge to all that shoot in our section.  Give back to the sport that gives you so much fun.  Help RO at your local club match, help at the Section Match and bring at least 2 new shooters to introduce them to the sport.  The Section is running a Level 1 RO class in January.  Take the class, learn the rules and step up your game.  Help with the set up and break down of your local matches.  These matches don't just happen by themselves.  It takes a dedicated staff to put them on.  Step up and volunteer to help at least twice a year.  Burnout is a real concern if we keep allowing the few to do the work of the many.

At this time of year we all have so much to be thankful for.  Also it's a time to look forward to the new season.  In closing, I'd like to thank everybody that's helped this year to make the sport we all love to thrive in these uncertain economic times.

Merry Christmas and have a Safe New Year...


October 3, 2011

Well, I've finally recovered enough to write y'all about the match.  What can I say?  The Section once again hit a home run.  Thanks to ALL the RO's, stage designers, folks that showed up to help set up... and tear down.  Thanks to all those that shot.  I trust that we had a fairly good balance of speed, accuracy and challenges.  From all the feedback I've received I feel like this was one of the better Section matches we've had in years.  Any feedback on anything we could have done better, please let me know.  I was very impressed with our hard working, under appreciated RO's.  Y'all did ALL that any MD could have asked for, and more.  Never once did I hear any complaints (other than mikes, NS's) from any competitor.

Even though we were missing some of the name shooters we still had a great turnout.  SWGC will again be hosting the NC Section Match.  To that end I'm going to try and set up another NROI class.  Now is the time to give back to your fellow shooters what you've been given.  Details will be following as soon as I can arrange a time and place.  I'd also like to see more club participation on the club level that Terry at Blackwater does.  This is not Sir Walter's Match; this is the Section's match.

In closing I'd like to say congratulations to all the winners and if you didn't finish where you wished, dry fire, dry fire, dry fire...


July 22, 2011

Hi, my name is Bill Stoudenmire.  I'm your Section Coordinator and one of the things I've always thought was that we ought to have better communications not only with the clubs, but you, the members.  My email and number are posted and I'm always available to discuss any issues our members have.  I plan to write a monthly bulletin and any ideas, gripes or concerns you have will be included and addressed here in this forum.  Please be clean.

First and foremost I want to address safety.  Folks, we are all responsible adults and YOU are responsible for your actions on and off the range.  In the past year we've had 2 incidents of negligent discharges causing serious wounds to the 2 individuals.  This is more than we've had in this state since I started shooting USPSA and it concerns me.  The 2 most dangerous things we do is to holster and draw the weapon.  Think about what you are doing, before you do it.  These incidents do not reflect well on us as a group.  'Nuff said.

Secondly, I wish to address the issue of sportsmanship.  At this time of year, when it's hot it is incumbent on all of us to help our fellow shooters.  I've seen far too many people not pasting, resetting steel, etc. while others are out there busting their rears.  I'm not sure why folks feel as if they can sit back while their fellow shooters work but so be it.  This issue is addressed under USPSA rules and while it's never been enforced, I'm all for it.  Again, 'nuff said.

Third, I'd like to ask for help with the NC Section match.  I'd like us to have at least 4 people on each stage per session/time slot and the more folks we have, the less work it is on others.  I don't really care at this point if you aren't an NROI certified RO as long as you're willing to help; it is great experience!  I will have Certified RO's on each stage.  Any help is appreciated.  This is your section and it will be what you make it.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you soon,


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